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Data for School Innovation (DSI)

Our Purpose
Data for School Innovation (DSI) delivers web-based assessment reporting to schools at an affordable cost. Our services help educators analyze, understand, and apply data to support teaching and learning. Teachers can use DSI in their everyday instruction and administrators can evaluate programs with ease.

Our Qualifications
Developed by the people who brought you the IIRC, the DSI staff has over 10 years of experience with Illinois district assessment data. DSI's technical team - data base analysts, web programmers, and support staff - is dedicated, skilled, and helpful. We understand your needs.

Our Data Tools
DSI's exceptional tools make using data easy
  • On-screen tools facilitate analysis and application of data
  • Color-coded graphics highlight key areas for attention
  • Drop-down menus display students in multiple arrays by individuals or groups
  • Reports include both state and leading commercial assessments

Student rosters are color-coded to indicate student outcomes in relation to performance standards


Chutes and ladders show progress from benchmark to benchmark during the year as measured by AiMSweb


RTI pyramids assist with program evaluation