Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)

Learn about ISAT assessments from these ISBE presentations.

  • Test Maps for 2014 ISAT (PDF) pdf(PDF)
  • 2014 ISAT Sample Items for Grade 4 Science pdf(PDF)
  • 2014 ISAT Sample Items for Grade 7 Science pdf(PDF)

The IIRC presents the annual results of the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) for all Illinois public schools and districts for the years 1999-2013 in easy-to-understand graphs and tables. Students in grades 3 through 8 take the ISAT every year in March.

young students in classroomISAT measures individual student achievement relative to the Common Core State Standards. In 2013, 40% of ISAT items were linked to the Common Core. In spring 2014, 100% of test items will be linked to the new standards. Results are reported by subject according to four performance levels: exceeds standards, meets standards, below standards, and academic warning.

The IIRC's bar graphs, displaying school or district results on the ISAT tests, are color-coded to show the proportion of students in each performance level. The results give parents, teachers, and schools one measure of student learning and school performance.

Grades and subject areas tested have varied over the years for which results are shown. The test results screens on IIRC report all prior test results for any given year regardless of subsequent changes.

In addition to reporting results for ALL students, IIRC displays the specific student subgroups by race/ethnicity (six groups), low income status, students with disabilities, and limited-English proficient. Specific demographic groups are tracked for purposes of assessing Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) of schools and districts.

In determining "Adequate Yearly Progress" of a school or school district, for purposes of the federal No Child Left Behind legislation, only the results of reading and mathematics tests are included in the calculation for a given school or school district. Note that graphs showing performance levels on IIRC include all students tested. Students who enrolled in the school or district after May 1 of the prior school year are not included in the calculations for Adequate Yearly Progress.

In 2014-15, the new PARCC assessments, which are fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards, will replace the ISAT.