School Status

Illinois schools receive both state and federal designations for their status. On IIRC, the following icons indicate school status:

 AYP Status  
 pencil or Yes  Made AYP
 pencil or No  Did not make AYP
 State Sanctions  
 AEWS  Academic Early Warning means expanded state requirements and services
 AWS  Academic Watch adds more requirements and services; can result in state takeover if school does not improve
 Illinois Honor Roll Awards  
 blue_house Spolight Schools  High poverty, high performing schools
 AIMP logo Academic Improvement  Significant increase in achievement over time
 excellence Academic Excellence  Sustained high performance over time
 Federal Sanctions  
 Years in School Improvement  Schools that do not make AYP for two years are classified as "in school improvement" and eligible for sanctions.
 CH: Choice  Must offer families the choice to move students to more successful schools
 CS: Choice plus Supplemental Educational Services  Must offer choice, plus supplemental educational services such as tutoring.
 CA: Corrective Action  Schools in corrective action must work with external experts to improve.
 RS: Restructuring  Must plan for restructuring if no improvements occur.

State and Federal Sanctions
State and federal sanctions for schools that do not make adequate yearly progress appear with more detail in this Accountability System Chart.

State Awards - Illinois Honor Roll
The Illinois State Board of Education in partnership with Northern Illinois University delivers three kinds of awards to recognize schools that demonstrate exemplary academic performance. The Illinois Honor Roll website displays criteria for the awards.

blue-house    Spotlight Schools The Illinois State Board of Education gives the honorary designation "Spotlight Schools" to high poverty, high performing schools that excel in closing the achievement gap. In 2012, 105 schools in Illinois achieved "Spotlight Schools" status. See list of Spotlight Schools Criteria for selecting these schools are rigorous. All schools must be making Adequate Yearly Progress. At least half the students are from low-income families, and at least 70% must be passing the state achievement tests in both reading and mathematics. Located throughout the state in urban, suburban, and rural locations, the Spotlight Schools exhibit achievements that are contrary to the conventional wisdom that test scores will reflect demographics despite local efforts. They demonstrate that low-income students and schools with limited resources can show impressive academic performance.

AIMPLogo    The Academic Improvement Awards recognized 81 schools in 2012 that have sustained an upward trend in test scores for at least two years and showed a 7.5 point increase over the prior year or a 15 point increase over the prior two years. Located throughout the state, the award-winners represent every type of school - large and small; elementary, middle, and high schools; both regular and charter schools; all funding levels; urban, suburban, and rural; low-performing and high-performing. They demonstrate that exemplary progress is possible at every level and can be sustained over time. See list of Academic Improvement Award schools

excellence    The Academic Excellence Awards honored 454 schools that have sustained a high level of achievement for at least two years. In elementary schools, at least 90% of students met or exceeded state standards. At the high school level, 80% of students passed the Prairie State Achievement Exam over three years.

See map of school locations. Just over 10% are schools for the gifted and talented. All others are regular public schools that achieve and maintain academic excellence that meets or exceeds the best in the U.S.

All Academic Excellence schools achieved Adequate Yearly Progress for the last three years.